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Dr. Wendy Weiqun Wang (MD from China) 
New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Herbalist
Dr. Wang’s expertise in acupuncture and unique care about her patients inspired so many of her patients to write about their own stories… 
I have been suffering with back pain (sciatica) on and off since 1993. I was in a car accident in 2004
which may have brought on further injury within the past year. I went to a pain management center for a few months in 2012 where I received injections to manage my pain, along with nerve ablation. I felt better for a few weeks at a time, but the pain continued to worsen when it returned.

Finally, having exhausted visits to the chiropractor and pain management doctor with no long lasting results,I decided to see Dr. Wang on the advice of a co-worker. I was in such pain when I had my first session that I didn't think I would ever go back. But over a series of visits, I was able to move more comfortably and resume my activities. I have been seeing Dr. Wang since October of 2012, and am on maintenance visits at this time. The staff at Dr. Wang's office is very helpful and sincere and caring.

My back is no longer stiff when I awaken, and the intense pain I suffered during the night is basically gone. Of course, when I am under unusual stress it does affect my back, but that is normal. I cannot thank Dr. Wang enough for her gentle treatment that has brought wonderful results, and her warm, caring personality which lets me know that I am not just another patient to her. I am and always will be grateful to Dr. Wang for helping me heal, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Anna -- Brooklyn 
​November 2018

Dear Dr. Wang,

Thank you very much for your wonderful treatment to resolve my influenza attack and acute sciatica from coughing. My fever from the flu resolved in two days after one session of acupuncture treatment and the Chinese herbal tea. My back pain stopped a week later. I thought it would take me another couple more weeks before I could move better. I was able to return to the soccer game the following week. It was a miracle. I have needle phobia and would use any excuses to avoid getting needles. But you were wonderful. Your voice had calming effect. Your technique of inserting acupuncture needles into my body was amazing. I hardly felt any pain at all. Within a minute or two after you inserted all the needles in my back, my back spasm quickly release and my coughing also stopped temporarily. I also felt asleep on the table until you came in to remove the needles from my body. My phobia of acupuncture needles was gone. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo just announced influenza epidemic last week and encouraged everyone to get a flu shoot. If he knows acupuncture can shorten the course of influenza attack, and to decrease flu patient morbidity and mortality, I bet he will encourage all flu patients in the hospital to get acupuncture treatment to decrease their length of stay in hospital. This will create more beds available for the sicker patients. 

You are a miracle worker. Without your amazing treatment, I may be still lying in bed to suffer from the influenza attack and the residual coughing. Thank you very much.


Kim Sing Lo, D.O. (Traditional Osteopathy)
New York City
​Feb 2019
​I have been a patient of Dr. Wang’s for over 15 years. She has been a blessing for me. She helped me through a painful back injury some years ago, and recently she has cured me of a digestive ailment that I developed. I always go to her first when I have a health problem. If I need diagnostic tests, I go to my western physician and get them done, but I always come back to her with the results to seek out her advice and treatment.

Her use of acupuncture and herbal remedies is highly effective and non-invasive. Even if I have a cold or a stiff neck, she usually relieves me of discomfort in about an hour with her acupuncture treatment – I much prefer that to taking cold medicine or painkillers. Dr. Wang is highly skilled, caring, competent, and kind. I feel lucky to know her.

Vincent Tirelli, Phd. New York 
August 2017
After years of irregular periods, terrible menstrual pain, excessive hair growth around my body, and constant breakouts on my face, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Internists, gynecologists and endocrinologists have confirmed there is no cure for PCOS. I was given a myriad of pills that caused all kinds of negative side effects, and finally gave up on the traditional medical options.

I was introduced to Dr. Wang (acupuncturist) through a friend. Although hesitant to try this method of treatment, I knew I had to try something different.

I am so excited to be able to share that through treatment with Dr. Wang, my periods have been entirely regulated, my skin is beautiful, and I no longer have the hair growth (on the wrong parts of my body!)

Here’s the amazing part – I returned to my gynecologist, who had previously shown me images of the hundreds of cysts I had on my ovaries. This time, he was confused at my scans and thought my file was switched! Of course he confirmed that these new images did in fact belong to me, and was utterly shocked at the clear ovaries. He asked what I did since our last visit, and I told him about my acupuncture sessions with Dr. Wang.

As most of you know, traditional MDs do not condone acupuncture, or any other natural therapies – but after seeing me, my doctor asked for Dr. Wang’s business card, and now refers his patients to her as well!

In addition to addressing the problems I had, acupuncture came with some added benefits I was not even expecting. It improved my energy levels, and helped me sleep so much better.
I highly recommend a couple of sessions with Dr. Wang, who not only is an expert in her field, but is also friendly, caring, and takes enormous pride in her work.

- Briana C.  Feb 2019
​I am a patient of Dr. Wang's for almost two years. When I started seeing Dr. Wang I had constant bouts of bronchitis. I would be sick about every two months. The conventional treatments were not helping me. The medications were too strong and adversely affected me. Dr. Wang has treated me for this condition and I am pleased to say I have not had a reoccurrence in over a year. Dr. Wang is caring and her staff is courteous and professional. You feel well being taken care of by Dr. Wang and her associates. Oh, did I mention I am 92 years old!

Mary P. -- Brooklyn October 2018
I was travelling a long distance from Sydney, Australia to New York last summer, to stay for 10 days with my cousin Wendy and her family. 
Due to fatigue and maybe air-conditioning during the night, my back was totally stiff and could not even get out of bed after a week. I was panic as my flight back home is almost 36 hours journey, and I could hardly sit up in the bed!

Wendy managed to give me two treatments a day, one before she went to office and one after she came back home. She messaged my back thoroughly first with essential oil, and gave me acupuncture treatment on the back and legs. I felt a warm stream flew to my body following the needles, and soon the small stream from every needle gathered together to form a strong flow of energy around my back, and soon, my back was sweating slowly but steadily, bringing out the coldness and stiffness from deep within the muscles.

After the two half-hourly treatment the first day, with her soft message over the back after each treatment, I could already flip back and forth normally, but still with pains sitting up and moving around. "It was only a matter of time", Wendy assured me with her signature smile of confidence, and I knew it, and luckily I have two more days for the luxury treatment at home!

It turned out to be magical! With the three days treatment on the back and front meridians, on my arms and legs, I was fully recovered from the harsh stiffness and numb without a slightest trace of the aches. I even managed to carry the luggage when I was alone back home.

Hong – Sydney Australia  
​May 2017
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​I started treatment with Dr. Wang during a pregnancy loss that was that followed several previous losses. I was surprised how quickly I regained my strength and that the entire experience wasn’t as draining and as painful as the previous losses. Dr. Wendy utilizes her extensive knowledge and experience in women’s health issues and her intuition during treatment. She is compassionate, understanding and very intelligent! I’m grateful that I was able to avail myself to her acupuncture treatment and for the general well-being and hope I gained.

Suri M.
​June 2017

​ My husband, an MD. and I have been treated by Dr. Weiqun Wang over the last 6 years. We discovered her originally when my husband had a mild stroke and she was recommended by a friend for post-stroke therapy. My husband, being a traditionally trained MD was skeptical about the effects of acupuncture and didn't like the idea of having needles stuck in him! However, after much encouragement, he finally was treated by Dr. Wang for the limp that was the most prominent after effect of his stroke. Seemingly miraculously, his limp disappeared after one treatment - and, no longer a skeptic, he continued to go to Dr. Wang for treatments for 3 months, twice a week - with the end result, a complete resolution of the stroke's effects.

 I have been treated by Dr. Wang for back pain, asthma, resistant cough following colds, recuperation after foot and wrist surgery (resulting from a car accident) - with excellent and often extraordinary results.  

When one has acupuncture in Dr. Wang's office, there is the additional option to have a massage following the treatment - a perfect combination that leaves one feeling renewed.

Dr. Wang is a wonderful person, truly interested in her patients' wellbeing, easy to talk to, and an expert at her profession. The fact that she was an MD in China before coming to the United States gives her the added experience and knowledge that enhances her acupuncture treatments. We feel very fortunate to have discovered this exceptional healer.

Susan B.
​August 2017
​I was a patient of Dr. Wang's for approximately a year for fertility treatment. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries by my OBGYN. Rather than go the traditional route of taking western medication which could lead to possible side effects, I decided to seek acupuncture as a safe and natural treatment. During the treatment, Dr. Wang was reassuring and comforting towards my situation. With great bed side manners and a relaxing environment, the treatment became more therapeutic each week. Eventually, I was able to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby boy. In addition, I sought treatment during my first trimester which led to a smooth pregnancy. Thank you Lily and Serena for the additional support. I would highly recommend the practice.

S.L. (NYC) September 2017

​I am a psychologist in New York City,in practice for over 30 years. I specialize in treating chronic stress/pain disorders. I have received acupuncture treatment from Dr. Wang for the last two years for my own chronic headache /arthritis disorders . 
Besides being a skilled highly-professional doctor, well-versed in both western and eastern medicine, Dr. Wang provides a place of healing as well as a listening soul who freely exudes understanding and encouragement. 
I recommend her often in my practice,and personal life, for those seeking more than "just another doctor" experience. 
Steve Yarris, PsyD
Board Certified Psychologist
Board Certified Biofeedback Provider  December 2018
Dr. Wang is extraordinary!! I don't usually write testimonials but I have to when it comes to my treatment with Dr. Wang. I am seeing Dr. Wang due to several rare, chronic and complex immune-related issues which have affected my kidney and bones. I have been healthy all of my life and these issues came on me within a 2 year span. My physicians, which I am under the care of several, say that the complications are unrelated and that they are coincidental but I didn't feel that way. I felt something was not right on a whole. I respect my physicians but as an individual their explanations as to why they are unrelated just didn't make sense. Also, them only being able to dampen the physical effects in local areas but not being able to help with underlying problems like feeling tired and lifeless was not working for me and so my symptoms kept recurring. I had to find an alternative.  

  After the 1st session of acupuncture with Dr. Wang, my energy level increased drastically and after each session I have only gotten better. Some say it is a mind thing but, for me, it is not. I tried to will myself out of the lull before but could not. The acupuncture is definitely helping me become balanced internally. My kidney symptoms have resided and I have more energy. I am running on the treadmill; walking 10,000 steps a day for 5 days a week, according to my fitbit; and have lost 20 pounds. Whereas, before treatments with Dr. Wang, I wouldn't walk anywhere and the gym didn't even cross my mind and I have a free membership. 

  On top of the treatment, Dr. Wang's persona is warm and understanding and she really invests in your overall healing. She gave me noninvasive treatments to use at home so that my healing can continue in between treatments. I would recommend Dr. Wang to everyone."

-TW (Brooklyn) January 2019
​Let me tell you about my SAVIOR. I put this word in capital letters because I want you to understand the full impact that Dr. Wendy Wang has had on my life. For 18 months, I suffered from tremors, muscle spasms, pain throughout my body, insomnia, and fainting spells. I visited the emergency room so frequently that I lost count. Various specialty doctors (cardiologist, neurologist, immunologist, etc.) told me that it was in my head and suggested that I speak with a psychologist.  
After 18 months I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist. Prescription treatments had minimal effect, so it was suggested that I start seeing an acupuncturist. Dr. Wendy Wang was the first name to appear in my search so I took a chance.
Dr. Wang soothing voice and understanding of what I was experiencing helped to put me at ease on the very first visit. She said she was going to help me and that we were going to get through this together.  
After my very first treatment under Dr. Wang care, I went home and was able to walk for over 30 minutes; this was something that I had not been able to do for months! I felt so emotional that I just cried.
I have been seeing Dr. Wang for three weeks, receiving treatment from her twice a week. I walk at least an hour everyday now, and she has turned me on to yoga which I have grown to love.
My first choice was the right choice. Thank you forever!

Natalie (New York) December 2016

​I have been struggling with OAB (overactive bladder) and incontinence for five years. With 35+ trips to the bathroom daily and 5 -7 incontinence episodes daily I was basically homebound. I saw medical specialists, endured numerous tests, then given medication. After four different medication trials that
did not relieve my symptoms, I decided to research alternatives.

  After weeks of research I decided to see an acupuncturist, but how do I choose among the dozens
located in Brooklyn. The testimonials on Dr. Wang’s site were remarkable and made the selection process quite easy.

  As a senior with much less muscle mass I realized I presented as a difficult case. Dr. Wang was determined to help me. She contacted colleagues and was provided with a special tape to secure my abdomen so she could provide optimal treatment. After four months my bathroom trips and incontinence episodes have been cut in half. I am so grateful….my quality of life has improved
significantly. And, I know it will continue to improve.

Dr. Wang is very knowledgeable, not only as an acupuncturist but as a medical doctor. She is kind, sensitive, listens intently and always exhibits a positive, uplifting, encouraging demeanor. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful practitioner.

The practice offers private rooms, soothing atmosphere, helpful staff and everything is pristine.

I highly recommend Dr. Wang to everyone….her ability to heal is profound.

Kathy, Brooklyn   October 2016

​In the Fall of 2015 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my knees. It was difficult to walk and climb stairs. I am a walker. My 10,000 steps-a-day goal had dwindled. I could barely walk 100 yards without stopping to flex my leg or rub my knees. After trying physical therapy for a while with no sign of relief, I decided to try acupuncture on a friend’s recommendation. I visited Dr. Wang’s office once a week for two months. After the third and fourth sessions, things began to change. My knee pains subsided, and my quality of life dramatically improved. After two months, I was able to meet and exceed my 10,000 steps-a-day goal. I am back gardening, something I was afraid I would have to give up this summer. Dr. Wang is a skillful and personable physician. She is caring and encouraging. I am so grateful to be in her care.

K.E. (Brooklyn, New York) June 2016

​I went to see Dr Wang for back pain from years of back problems. I had a bad flair up and decided after 3 months of pain to see Dr Wang. She had treated me years earlier and it helped. The first 2 visit were a bit painful, because when my treatment started my muscles were in spasm mode. But after 4 visits within 3 weeks, my pain was gone. No stiffness, no pain and all around feeling normal. I would definitely refer anyone in pain or not feeling well to see Dr Wang, she absolutely helped me and I feel great.
Jean Orlando   Feb 2017
​Dr. Wang has been such a blessing in my life! I've been having a lack of energy for quite some time and couldn't pinpoint what it was. My blood tests were all normal but I still felt lethargic and not at my optimal energy level. I went to Dr. Wang to try out acupuncture for the first time. It was relaxing and not as scary as I thought it would be. (I now often fall asleep in the session). After the first session I felt a boost in energy, the next sessions the results were more subtle and my energy picked up over time. I still can't explain exactly what it is, but acupuncture works, especially when nothing was 'officially' wrong with me. Dr. Wang is a pleasure to work with.

- Chaya G.   Feb 2017

I wanted to thank you for your treatment of my very painful heel spur. I had already gone to a podiatrist who suggested that I try physical therapy. I have had at least 20 treatments with very little relief. I decided to try something different and came to see you. I have been for four treatments so far and the difference in the pain in my spur is significantly better by about 70%. I am not expecting an overnight miracle, but I cannot believe how much better I feel. I am not constantly reminded of my pain and can go for hours at a time--this is after how holiday of Passover which is a difficult one. I was dreading it, but it all went over smoothly thanks to you. Thank you again for helping me and I will continue to be your patient and recommend others to see you as well. Folks--anyone who needs help must see Dr. Wang!!!!      
 ---- Sylvia Rosenblum May 2017

After my diagnosis of breast cancer, I had gone through breast surgery and chemotherapyin 2010. After 3 years, I found myself tired, fatigue, joint pain, rash, and high fever for over 20 days. After I was admitted in hospital, nothing was found. My ferritin level was very high and I was diagnosed with Immune System Disease (Adult’s Still Disease). The treatment was high dose of steroid.Even though I got all the side effects from steroid, my fever and rash were gone. Since then, I felt weak, tired and pain, the fever was still on and off. It seemed helpless. My friend told me to go acupuncture. I met Dr. Wang in 2014. She asked for my medical history and then gently examined me for an hour. This is my first-time treated with “needle and massage”. I came twice a week and felt good and comfortable. My strength came back and the pain was much improved. Dr. Wang cared about me and treated me like her friend. I still continued the steroid treatment and followedup with Rheumatology. When the steroid dose reduced, the fever and joint pain came back on and off. I kept going to Dr. Wang’s acupuncture and massage once a week and then later twice a month. My general condition was getting better and better especially pain, headache, and frequent urination.Dr. Wang told me whenever I felt tired, fatigued, or pain, I had to go to her clinic for acupuncture. Until now I am still on low dose steroid because my ferritin level is still high. This is a chronic and long-term fight. But I continue to see Dr. Wang. She is my doctor and angel. By her tender love and care, I have confidence I will be healed one day.    
--- from NY  Dec 2017
When I came to Dr. Wang in January 2018 I was in terrible shape. I was grief stricken after the death of my mother 4 weeks before. The winter flu season made lots of my family members very sick. I had spread myself too thin. Suddenly I felt I couldn't cope anymore, mentally. My doctor gave me tranquilizers and told me to see a psychiatrist. I made an appointment with Dr. Wang. For the last 15 years, Dr. Wang has treated my family and myself with many physical problems, food intolerance, chronic cough after pneumonia, a pinched nerve, a pulled muscle, and sciatica pain all with excellent results. Now this was different, I was emotionally sick.
Dr. Wang came into my room with her usual cheerful smile. She looked at me and asked "how are you? What seems to be the problem?" I broke down and cried with tremendous compassion. Dr. Wang talked to me, she calmed me down and then started treatment. I felt instant relief. My family wanted to know here I had been The energy I lacked started to flow though my body increasing the good feeling I so badly needed. The smile came back and my eyes lit up. I left the office with a bounce in my step looking forward to my next appointment. I started treatment with 3 times a week, then 2 times and now after 4 weeks, I come once every 10 day. I'll be coming for maintenance so my symptoms will not return, gradually I'll slack off. I thank G-d and thank Dr. Wang, a doctor with a heart and a messenger to heal.

A patient from Brooklyn on March 2018

The first time I knew firsthand that Dr. Wang's treatment was about as effective -- if not more -- than any doctor was when I took my mother to her for the first time. This was my first time not only seeing acupuncture first hand but seeing alternative medicine that works with your body. It was even more re-assuring that someone who knew the practices of modern medicine chose to use this approach instead --claiming that it was better than anything a hospital or 'doctor' could offer. 
My mother had been rendered unable to walk due to a back issue and was like that for several weeks. Not only did Dr. Wang help her get back to walking again in minutes --- my mother never experienced the same back pain again. The doctor listened to her, assessed the situation, and dealt with it so simply and non-invasively that it was amazing to watch. She gave my mother sound advice on how to care for herself, as well. Even now, she still remembers my mother when I go visit her on my own. 
I'll try to keep this short: 
Several months after in February 2018, I experienced a lot of issues of my own that were mostly digestive/severe anxiety related. I had been to every doctor and hospitals who could not diagnose my issue right away but instead gave 'possible' reasons as to what my symptoms meant. They tried to put me on medicines, tested my blood several times, or chalked it up to other things that only made me more and more anxious. 
I was losing weight rapidly, I wasn't able to eat or sleep, nor was I able to return to work and function. I was in very bad shape. A friend of mine mentioned possibly going to see Dr. Wang again -- and so we did. She's been treating me since then and I'm so, so happy I went. Dr. Wang was able to read the situation and not only treat my body, but assure me that I was going to be okay with certainty. She knew what was wrong before my gastroenterologist even performed an endoscopy! 
It was through her treatment that not only did I have my appetite back right after the first session -- but through several sessions of teas, acupuncture, and treatment -- that I was starting to feel better. 
Dr. Wang's approach was so new to me in the beginning that I admit I was a little skeptical, but now if anyone would ask -- I'd send them to her immediately sans any other doctor or hospitals. The treatment I was seeking from certified and qualified doctors were not only grossly expensive --- but there was no guarantee that I would get better. I never felt calm nor that they cared. But with Dr. Wang you can clearly see that she wants her patients to feel better. She listens to them and knows exactly what to say to assure them so they won't be anxious.
It's such a blessing to be able to see someone like her! She is truly a gifted doctor. 

-- JD from NY November 2018