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Dr. Wendy Weiqun Wang (MD from China) 
New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Herbalist

Your Testimonials and Reviews

by Dr. Weiqun Wang on 01/03/18

Dr. Wang welcome you to share your comments, thoughts or suggestions about her acupuncture services in order to provide you or community with the best service.

Comments (19)

1. T.F. said on 1/18/18 - 06:10PM
I first came to Dr. Wang about 20 years ago for a pinched nerve in the neck and shoulder area. I had tried physical therapy that even included acupuncture, but it was very painful and did not provide any relief. Dr. Wang had treated my mother-in-law, who had arthritis in her knee, so I decided to come too. I could not believe the relief I felt; after a few visits of acupuncture and massage, the pain was gone! I have come since then whenever I have a problem and truly appreciate Dr. Wang's warmth and care.
2. MT said on 1/30/18 - 10:45AM
Really worked. My son had heavy facial twitches for the longest time and we tried a lot of things to help him but none of it worked until I came across you. It really worked. I stopped seeing him do the twitches. Thanks so much.
3. WZ said on 2/3/18 - 06:00PM
My left shoulder had the pain for some times as a result it prevents me using my left arm to lift any weight more than a few lbs. Dr. Wang gave me two treatments (once a week). After second treatment the pain was almost gone completely. Even I can try to do a few push-ups without difficult. This is really miracle and many thanks to Dr. Wang.
4. Maria M said on 2/6/18 - 05:46PM
I been going to Dr. Wendy Wang on and off for 5 years. I had foot, hand, back, neck and shoulder pain . Dr. Wang is knowledgable ,sweet and caring . The staff is wonderful. The message is relaxing.They take you on time.I truly believe in acupuncture
5. Linda B said on 2/8/18 - 03:59PM
DrWendy Wang has help me achieve inner peace and positive energy. My energy base was depleted due to the loss of a loved one. Dr. Wang assited me in recharging my energy source through accupincture. Her knowledge base in allowing my energy to flow freely and restore my balance. These treatments keep me healthy and relaxed. Thank you Dr. Wang
6. Rachel R said on 3/16/18 - 07:56PM
I am a young girl, but has suffered chronic sinus for a long time, since I come to see Dr.Wang, my nose is open, my breath is better, and I get a lot of energy! Feeling great! Thank you DR.Wang! All the best!
7. M T said on 3/26/18 - 10:22PM
I would like to Express my deep appreciation to Dr. Wendy Weigun Wang for her treating my son in such a caring and helpful manner. When I first went to Dr. Wang my son was suffering from severe facial twitches which were both annoying and unpleasant. But then after just a few visits of being treated by the accupunture his twitches are basically gone!The treatment he received also helped to get rid of his bloated stomach general weakness, headaches, insomnia The positive results came way faster than expected- after just a few visits! It's been a real pleasure dealing with Dr. Wang who's caring, calm, and positive attitude made us feel so well taken care of. We thank G-do for directing us to the right messenger. Thank you Dr. Wang!.
8. Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum said on 6/21/18 - 10:10PM
I am a huge fan of Dr. Wang's remarkable work, and an avid believer in the efficacy of acupuncture. I have gone to numerous "Western" or "orthodox" doctors who have been unable to help me, but unfailingly, Dr. Wang always addresses and banishes my ails. Not only is she superb at what she does, but she herself is a warm, compassionate and very caring human being, who is truly concerned for her patients' welfare. She does not give up and works tirelessly to find treatments that will cure the ailments that afflict her patients. I highly recommend both acupuncture as an effective treatment for myriad ills and Dr. Wang as a master of the craft. She's the best! Yitta Halberstam, co-author "Small Miracles" NYTimes bestselling series about the spiritual power of coincidences in our everyday lives
9. .. said on 7/1/18 - 08:10PM
Dr. Weng, thank you so much for all you do for patients. Anxiety is brutal. I know it myself like no one else. It is hard to do daily tasks and enjoy the only life you got. For some people, psychiatry and psychology appointments would be enough to help them with their anxiety, but not for me. After hearing that some people with anxiety try acupuncture and feel much better, I decided to try it. From the first visit, I fell in love with Dr Weng’s personality. She has warm, genuine care and kindness to her unlike many other medical professionals. After few treatments, I started to also realize that I am able to battle my anxiety more successfully than ever before. My sleep improved and my irritability decreased. I am more positive and hopeful as well. I am on my way to full recovery thanks to hands and heart of Dr. Weng!!! You are the best Dr. Weng!!
10. ... said on 7/31/18 - 04:33PM
I would like to share the experience I had at Dr. Wendy's treatment. I have been going for IVF treatments numerous times and they kept on failing...until I was directed to do acupuncture and I chose Dr. Wendy Wang since I've heard great regards on her. After several months of kind and patient treatments from Dr. Wendy... I was in good news! Thank G-d He directed us to the right Dr. Wendy Wang that made miracles with us!!!
11. Rachel Youens said on 9/2/18 - 11:58AM
Dr. Wang is a very capable and effective doctor. She is kind, concerned, and wonderfully skilled in both Chinese and Western medicine. She first treated my chronic psoriasis, for which I had seen an herbalist for several years, to keep under control. But Dr. Wang’s treatment which combined acupuncture with an herbal tea, relieved this condition to a much greater extent, even as she warned me not to expect such results. She has also been able to devise treatments about strange sensations in my legs. I return to see her regularly, while I work on an auto-immune diet, to extend the benefits of Dr. Wang’s treatments, which have revitalized my energies. The examination rooms in her office are comfortable, her staff is efficient, and it is easy to schedule an appointment. RY 9/2/18
12. Genya said on 10/4/18 - 08:16PM
Dr. Wang has been treating my backaches and headaches pains since 2011. She is an experienced physician and acupuncturist. Her excellence, professionalism and warm personality have served her patients very well. If you have a problem – see Dr. Wang, you want be sorry!
13. Besar Vila said on 11/3/18 - 12:27PM
I had severe back pain to the point where I could not navigate my body. I reached out to Dr. Wang, as my father has gone in the past, and was directed to acupuncture. I would like to point out that it has helped a lot, so thank you, Dr. Wang.
14. MQ said on 1/13/19 - 02:56PM
I came to Dr. Wang seeking relief for chronic pain in my GI tract. For 20 years I was suffering from terrible inflammation related to Endometrosis and was seeking treatment beyond painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. I began weekly treatments and within 2 weeks, my pain was reduced. After 3 months of weekly treatments my symptoms are nearly gone. Dr. Wang changed my life! I can eat anything I want WHENEVER I want. It's incredible. We are now working on treating the Endometriosis and with each treatment I feel better and better. I feel like a human being again. I highly recommend seeking treatment from Dr. Wang. She is professional, kind and extraordinarily talented.
15. Bing Irizari said on 2/23/19 - 09:00PM
I am an RN and am embarrassed to say that am really scared of needles. But with Dr Wang, not only is she so gentle and very reassuring , the effect of her accupuncture has helped me not only from my seasonal allergies, but from all my aches and pains as well. Thank you Dr Wang and staff.
16. JG said on 3/18/19 - 07:14PM
I first came to Dr. Wang because a co worker and I both suffer from eczema she started healing and OBWS Sri suffering even though I wanted seeing a dermatologist and on steroids and steroid creams and receiving allergy shots from my allergist I asked her how was she healing what was she doing she told me about red skin syndrome and how she started going to Dr wang who gave her acupuncture treatments and a tea to drink I immediately made an appointment and found relief with the very first treatment now my skin is healed my allergies and eczema is more dormant I still visit Dr wang regularly cause she helps with my back pain I recommend her to all my friends and family
17. Bruce Parness,LCSW said on 12/10/19 - 06:22PM
Thank you Dr. Wang for making a major difference in the quality of my life... Thanks to your skilled use of acupuncture , as well as your care & concern,the chronic fatigue that I was experiencing has decreased significantly!I have more energy, feel more joyous & look forward to each day! You are amazing !
18. e s said on 8/7/21 - 04:33PM
I have had the pleasure of being a new of Dr. Wang .I notice a differance after one treatment.i highly recommend her.I was having issues with weight loss and bladder problem.I am looking forward to my next session.
19. Rosaria Panaro said on 10/5/21 - 08:36PM
I left Brooklyn a few years ago but I was a patient of Dr Wang for many years. She helped me regulate my body due to stress, lack of sleep. She also helped me quit smoking. I can't say enough of her: she was wonderful and I miss her services. Now that I moved to C/harlotte NC it's been a struggle to find the same level of service. Visits last no more than 30min and are not as effective. (her visit lasted 1hr). You'll be pleased with her services.

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