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Dr. Wendy Weiqun Wang (MD from China) 
New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Herbalist
About Dr. Wendy Weiqun Wang
​ Dr. Wang is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Chinese Medicine Herbologist by NOCCAM. She has been running her clinic at Borough Park area and the local community, Brooklyn, New York, for more than two decades.

 Dr. Wang graduated from the Traditional Chinese Medicine School in Kunming, China, as a medical physician and traditional Chinese medicine doctor. She practiced both Western and Chinese medicine in her hometown hospital for 10 years. She also was a director (doctor-in-charge) of the emergency department and saved thousands of patients’ lives. She was for once the youngest and the most well-known doctor in her hospital.

 With her very strong medical background and professional skills, Dr. Wang has treated numerous ailments, especially in cases in which western medicine proves ineffective. Examples are chronic fatigue, complicated digestive problems such as Crohn’s disease, colitis and IBS, excessive stress’ anxiety, gynecological problems such as menopause, PCOS and infertility, Bell’s Palsy, children’s bed wetting and adult urinary incontinence, seasonal allergies, severe cough etc. After receiving Dr. Wang’s treatments, patients will admit they have chosen the right doctor. In addition, Dr. Wang’s charming personality, kindness and caring nature combine to make her patients feel very comfortable and satisfied.

 Dr. Wang’s treatment is very unique and of her own style. She spends a lot of time with her new patients, enquiring for detailed symptoms and history; collecting all information and prior test reports; checking patient’s tongue, pulse and necessary physical exams; analyzing the patient’s condition; expressing her opinions; discussing her treatment plan, procedure and prognosis; advising patient’s diet, lifestyle and related exercises and suggesting taking natural herbal medicine and vitamins.

 Dr. Wang strongly believes in being a professional health provider. She plays a good role model for her patients because she believes her physical and mental health will directly affect her patients. That is why she keeps a healthy lifestyle, practices yoga every morning, does exercise almost every day, keeps a healthy diet, stays outdoor playing golf every week, keeps an optimistic attitude and has a beautiful family. Over the years many patients who have received her treatment consider Dr. Wang not only a very skillful doctor but also a good listener, adviser, psychologist, physical therapist, yoga teacher, nutritionist and friend.

 The local magazines have many times reported on interviews with Dr. Wang’s patients and on her wonderful achievements. Dr. Wang’s professional commitment, medical background, skills and care have been very rewarding to the local community.

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